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Erictron AI
Your Partner in Practical AI Transformation

Unlock AIs Potential, Safely and Effectively

Unlock tangible value from AI with a partner who understands your business. Our tailored solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflows, empowering your team to achieve more.


Our Services

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

AI Assessments

Uncover high-impact AI opportunities within your existing workflows. Our targeted assessments identify areas where AI can drive measurable ROI, setting you up for success in an evolving business landscape.

Accelerated AI Implementation

Rapidly integrate AI applications through controlled workflow optimisation, validating AIs potential in day not months. Our approach allows you to integrate tools, processes, and capabilities, safely, with less disruption and cost.

Guidance & Governance

Stay ahead of the AI curve with our expert advisory services. We'll help you navigate the evolving AI landscape safely and strategically, with tailored policies, best practices, and ongoing support to ensure your AI initiatives drive value while mitigating risk.

Why Choose Erictron AI

Benefits Now, Foundations for the Future

  • Deep expertise in delivering practical, business-focused AI solutions

  • Tailored approach that meets you where you are on your AI journey

  • Proven track record of helping non-technical businesses unlock AI's value

  • Commitment to empowering your team and ensuring long-term success


About Erictron AI

We Are AI Pioneers

Our founder Eric brings over a decade of experience leading resilient operational transformation and technology integration initiatives, whether it's building a business from the ground up, or optimising large-scale operations. This cross-sector, hands-on expertise building customised solutions from the ground up led him to recognise the opportunity to responsibly leverage AI to transform capabilities. Today, he channels that same operational and technological acumen to enable organizations to integrate AI securely and effectively at their own pace through tailored services unlocked by validated use cases.


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Northamptonshire, UK
Tel: +447368273535

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